If You’re Looking for a Low-Maintenance, Drought-Tolerant Sod, TIFTUF Bermudagrass from Southern Turf Hawaii Is Your Answer.


When you’re considering the kind of turf to install for both residential and commercial properties, it’s essential to think about how much water the grass will need. You don’t want to waste water or sacrifice the appearance and health of your turfgrass. That’s where TIFTUF Bermuda Grass comes in.  


TIFTUF Bermuda Grass is a revolutionary turf variety created specifically for those struggling with water source restrictions. This hardy grass requires far less water than its counterparts, making it a great option for those in drier regions. It allows you to splash your outdoor space with lush green goodness with limited water and care.   


The Benefits of TIFTUF Bermuda Grass  

Southern Turf Hawaii knows that a lush, vibrant lawn is no easy task when water is scarce. Luckily, TIFTUF Bermuda Grass is the answer for anyone looking to tough it out during times of water shortage.  


TIFTUF also stands up against foot traffic and erosion with remarkable resilience due to its extra-thick blade structure and deep root system. Not to mention, you won’t have to deal with pesky weeds as much – another perk of TIFTUF’s deep root system. 


Fine-Texture, Bright, Green Color 

Get ready to wow your clients with luscious and cost-effective turfgrass! TIFTUF is known for its beauty under low water conditions – providing an aesthetically pleasing green lawn without any brown patches! This showstopping turf sets itself apart with its vibrant, green color and fine-textured blades. 


Superior Drought Tolerance to All Other Bermuda Grasses 

This variety of grass thrives in warm climates and requires up to 30% less water than other comparable types of turf. This remarkable variety has superior capabilities to withstand even the driest conditions year-round. Due to its high-density root system, TIFTUF Bermuda Grass thrives with far less maintenance than other varieties, which makes it the ideal choice for homeowners or business owners looking to establish a lush lawn in arid areas with limited access to irrigation.   


Superior Wear Tolerance and Tensile Strength 

Not only does TIFTUF shine during times of drought, but its tensile strength means it stands strong during high temperatures and holds its shape even when things get tough. Its superior wear tolerance ensures that it withstands the foot traffic of kids, pets, and more – no matter how hot or dry the season is.   


Superior Nematode Resistance  

This variety also boasts superior nematode resistance. With TIFTUF Bermuda Grass, users don’t have to worry about dealing with these pesky and damaging parasites. It’s ideal for anyone in need of hardy turf as it resists nematodes better than any other variety out there.  


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beautiful green drought-tolerant sod



Rapid Grow In  

If you’re looking for a fast-growing grass to develop in difficult conditions, then TIFTUF Bermuda Grass is the solution. It has an incredibly rapid growth rate, allowing it to establish itself across broad areas despite harsh conditions. Its dense texture and hardy nature make it optimal for arid regions where many grass varieties tend to struggle or fail entirely.  


Better Turfgrass Qualities and Aesthetics under Drought Stress  

With TIFTUF Bermuda Grass, drought can’t stop you from achieving a beautiful, healthy landscape. This turfgrass stands up to a variety of extreme conditions like low water, sweltering heat, and salt water. Even with minimal water usage, this grass provides a dense, high-traffic turf and turns others green with envy.  


Protect your turf from disease and weed invasion by fertilizing it at least twice a year. Additionally, make sure to mow with a sharp blade for the best results. With these easy steps, your TIFTUF Bermuda Grass lawn will be lush and green all year long! 


As a premier turf sales provider in Hawaii, we offer high-quality TIFTUF Bermuda Grass at budget-friendly rates. Best of all, we deliver TIFTUF, so you never have to worry about finding the perfect type of grass for your landscaping needs – so what are you waiting for? Get your hands on some of the best grass around today!

DIY: How to Prepare, Install, Grow, and Maintain Your Lawn

Selecting a turfgrass variety for your specific location is a crucial step in the process of any new residential sod installation or renovation. Understanding your soil, amount of sun and shade, and proximity to ocean spray and salty air helps determine the best variety of turfgrass to improve the long-term health and aesthetics of your lawn. 


Do a soil test to determine what preparation your soil may need before planting sod. For weed control, spray non-selective herbicide (glyphosate). Wait 10 – 14 days. Repeat herbicide application. Remove dead plant material, spread 1-2” of soil conditioner, and rototill the soil conditioner into the rootzone. Rake tilled soil smooth with a water filled roller. 


Fertilize with starter fertilizer such as 10-30-10. Sod should be laid over the fertilized soil beginning with the longest straight edges working out to areas that require cutting and trimming. Water after completing all sod is laid. The first day of watering may take several applications to push the water down into the soil, to a depth of 2”. 


Daily watering of sod for the first two weeks is required for successful installation and growth of your new lawn. Reduce water frequency after two weeks.  Tapering off on watering encourages grass roots to sink deeper into soil. Gradually reduce until watering 2-3 times per week, as necessary. After two weeks, apply a good slow release turf fertilizer every three months. 


Hawaii has an extensive number of soil types and each will have different requirements. Once a year, or as needed, de-thatch the lawn to remove excess dead material above the soil surface and aerate to let oxygen and important nutrients reach the roots. This will improve water infiltration and limit disease susceptibility.