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About zoysia

Zoysia boasts a dense carpet that effectively suppresses weed growth, thanks to its spreading stolons and thick sod formation. It demonstrates remarkable adaptability, thriving in various soil types including sandy, clay, and loamy soils, regardless of pH levels. Exhibiting a mix of fine and medium blades, Zoysia offers both texture diversity and resilience. Additionally, its ability to withstand drought conditions further enhances its appeal for diverse landscapes.

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Drought Tolerant

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Full Sun, 4 -5 Hours, Tolerates Some Shade

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Less Mowing Required

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Fine to Medium Blades, Forms Dense Turf

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pH 5.8 - 7.0, Slightly Acidic

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Moderate Traffic Tolerance

Patch of El Toro Zoysia sod

El Toro Zoysia


El Toro Zoysia is a dense, medium-textured turf renowned for its durability and adaptability. With a dark green color and medium blade texture, it offers a visually appealing lawn with minimal maintenance. It's the top choice in Hawaii, easy to mow with a rotary mower, and requires regular mowing for optimal upkeep. Known for its fast establishment rate and high traffic tolerance, it's ideal for landscapes demanding resilience.

  • • Drought tolerant
  • • Requires less fertilizer

Patch of Emerald Zoysia sod

Emerald Zoysia


Emerald Zoysia is a hybrid Zoysia variety with a dark, emerald green color and a finer, wirier blade texture. Emerald Zoysia grass is moderately shade tolerant. It has a low growth habit which requires less mowing and also stands up well to foot traffic. When properly maintained, it forms a dense turf that virtually chokes out weeds, making them weed resistant grasses.

  • • Tolerates high foot traffic
  • • Excellent weed resistance

Patch of Empire Turf® Zoysia Sod

Empire Turf® Zoysia


EMPIRE Turf® Zoysia is a revolutionary medium-bladed, dark green grass requiring minimal maintenance. With excellent wear tolerance and chinch bug resistance, it reduces the need for chemical applications and maintenance. It's the most shade-tolerant Zoysia offered, with low thatch, drought tolerance, and high traffic tolerance, making it ideal for resilient, low-maintenance landscapes.

  • • Excellent insect resistance
  • • Very Good disease resistance

Patch of Toccoa Green™ Zoysia sod

Toccoa Green™ Zoysia


Toccoa Green™ zoysia grass is a variety that was developed by researchers at the University of Florida. It has a darker green color, faster grow-in rates, and fewer seedheads when compared to other varieties. Toccoa Green™ zoysiagrass has a very upright growth habit which produces a highly uniform attractive lawn, additionally it excellent for golf course application.

  • • Tolerates high foot traffic
  • • Excellent weed resistance