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St. Augustine

About Dwarf St. Augustine

Dwarf St. Augustine grass, celebrated for its dense growth and vibrant green color, thrives in Hawaii's diverse landscapes. Its lush, emerald blades offer a refreshing contrast against the vibrant hues of tropical flora. Highly shade and moisture tolerant, this cultivar's ability to thrive in Hawaii's warm, humid conditions makes it a practical choice for local landscapes, requiring minimal maintenance. Additionally, its resilience to coastal winds further solidifies its suitability for coastal regions. Elevate your outdoor experience with our premium Hawaii-grown Dwarf St. Augustine sod.

  • Naturally weed resistant

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Moderate Drought Tolerance

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2-3 Hours of Direct Sunlight, High Shade Tolerance

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Minimal Mowing Required

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Coarse, Flat, Wide Blades, Forms Lush, Dense Turf

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Alkaline soils pH 6.5 - 7.5

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Great Wear Tolerance