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About Paspalum

Paspalum is a kind of perennial grass which is spread by stolons. It is one of the most adaptable types of grass as it tolerates wet conditions, drought, and varying heights. This grass is shown to have excellent wear tolerance with rapid recovery, offering ideal playability for golf courses and sports venues. When mowed low, paspalum creates a dense turf.

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Moderate Watering

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Requires Full Sun, 6 Hours

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Moderate Mowing

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Medium, Coarse Blade

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ph 6.0 - 8.0

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High Traffic Tolerance

Patch of Platinum TE Seashore Paspalum sod

Platinum TE Seashore Paspalum


Platinum TE Paspalum has no swirling grain in the greens canopy surface and does not exhibit loss of the shiny dark green color from chlorophyll loss during exposure to low light intensity. It exhibits continuous growth that provides excellent wear tolerance plus divot and ball mark recovery. Platinum TE offers golf courses and other sports venues unparalleled playability and cosmetic appearance.

  • • Excellent wear tolerance
  • • Unparalled playability

Patch of Salam Seashore Paspalum sod

Salam Seashore Paspalum


Salam Seashore Paspalum was originally marketed for golf greens and tees, especially in salt-challenged environments. Salam Seashore Paspalum is a warm-season perennial grass that spreads by stolons. When mowed regularly at heights of 1 inch or less, the grass produces a dense turf. One of the outstanding characteristics of Salam Seashore Paspalum is its tolerance to saline soils.

  • • Tolerates brackish sites
  • • Tolerates wet conditions