TifEagle Bermuda

Hole-02-after1_op_576x432TIFEAGLE BERMUDA DESCRIPTION:

TifEagle Bermuda exhibits all the traits golf superintendents need from a greens-quality hybrid Bermuda grass. TifEagle Bermuda was released in 1998 by the Georgia Coastal Plain Experiment Station in Tifton, Georgia—20 years after it introduced Tifdwarf Bermuda. TifEagle Bermuda’s leaf blades are extremely fine and erect. TifEagle Bermuda maintains a density capable of repelling annual bluegrass, delivers excellent trueness for putting, and accepts over-seeding well. This hybrid produces few seed heads and maintains its color throughout heat and longer into the fall. TifEagle Bermuda is ideal for golf course putting greens.


Several morphological characteristics give TifEagle its unique advantages:

  • Excellent root system development and structure.
  • Provides a high quality putting surfaces at cutting heights of .125″ and lower.
  • Rhizomatous rather than stoloniferious growth habit.
  • Superior color under cool conditions.
  • Tolerance to verticutting.
  • Rapid regrowth from mechanical injury.



TifEagle Bermuda was evaluated in over 25 golf course environments from North Carolina and California to Barbados from 1993 to 1997. The data collected from these sites show that TifEagle Bermuda is capable of producing a premium quality putting surface meeting the highest golfing standards. TifEagle Bermuda putting greens have been over-seeded with POA trivialis since 1994. High quality, uniform over-seeded putting surfaces are routinely obtained with a minimum loss of play. The rhizomatous growth habit of TifEagle Bermuda, with appropriate topdressing and verticutting, provides an excellent seedbed for uniform over-seed establishment. TifEagle Bermuda’s tolerance to close mowing gives the golf course superintendent an excellent tool to manage and control spring transition. TifEagle Bermuda will produce higher quality putting surfaces than TifDwarf Bermuda, but also requires more intensive management. Thus, TifEagle Bermuda may not be the best variety for all golf green situations. Research has shown that inadequate maintenance of TifEagle Bermuda will result in thatchy and inferior putting surfaces. Therefore, each superintendent considering TifEagle Bermuda for putting greens is encouraged to review management practices to determine if the Greens Committee and golf course budget will support the required management inputs.