Platinum TE Paspalum

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Platinum TE Paspalum has no swirling grain in the greens canopy surface and does not exhibit lossof the shiny dark green color fromchlorophyl loss during exposure to low light intensity or during colder air temperatures. Platinum TE generally is not a true genetic dwarf warm season grass cultivar in teh context of the super or ultra dwarf hybrid bermudagrass cultivars. Platinum TE exhibits continuous growth that provides excellent wear tolerance plus divot adn ball mark recovery. Platinum TE offers golf courses and other sports venues unparalleled playability and cosmetic appearance.



Platinum TE consistently maintains an extensive 4 to 8 inch root system on greens with height-of-cut less than 0.125 inch even when irrigates with 3000 to 6000 ppm TDS saline irrigation water.



Platinum TE exhibits dwarf-like transformation characteristics as height-of-cut is reduced below 0.125 inches, forming shorter internodes and smaller plus narrower leaves as the grass is groomed.



This is an aggressive grass and can usually take care of weeds on its own once the sod is established and well managed. A regular mowing program helps control weeds.



Platinumb TE growth rates under proper irrigation schedules and air temperatures above 60F is controlled strictly by timely nitrogen applications, with nitrogen rates substantially reduced (<3.0 lbs actual N/1000 sqft/year after the grass is established). Nitrogen fertilizer products should only be applied when needed based on growth rate.